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Kids Bible Stories

Jul 28, 2019

Daniel 6:15-28 This is part 2 in our short series on Daniel. Make sure to tune into episode #108 to see how we got to this part in our story. This week, we hear what happens to Daniel. Will the lions hurt him? Will King Darius change his mind? Tune in to see how mighty God is and how others all around the area learn...

Jul 20, 2019

Daniel 6:1-14

There is so much to learn from Daniel that we will break this into 2 episodes. This is part 1. King Darius makes a new rule, one that disobeys God. Daniel loves God very much and will not disobey him. Will King Darius throw Daniel in to the lions for not obeying his new law?!??!!  King Darius actually...

Jul 7, 2019

2 Chronicles 20:20-29

Today is part 2 in our short series. If you missed part 1, please go back & listen to episode #106 so you'll have context. We pick up our story today with King Jehoshaphat and his people singing and praying to God as they await this impossible battle.

Who will win this epic battle? What should you...