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Kids Bible Stories

Nov 23, 2019

This is our very, very special episode b/c this episode was turned into a Read-A-Loud book! This beautifully illustrated book can be used on your digital devices OR printed from home. The book comes to you as a PDF sent to your email. I created it so you can have multiple copies! 

This is the story of Jonah and the great fish, BUT from the fish's perspective. It's a heart warming tale, reminding us we are all uniquely and purposefully made by God!

I partnered with another momma, Katie Martin, to illustrate this book. Not only is this woman talented, but she gives 10% of each month's profit to a family in the adoption process. Click here to read her story.

To get your Read-A-Loud book

1. go to

2. Click the "Read-A-Loud" tab and follow the prompts

3. Once you have your book, play this current episode, #120, and enjoy! 

4. IF you PRINT this, you can not print front and back or the page turn cue will not align!