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Kids Bible Stories

Nov 17, 2019

This episode was a special request from some of our listeners. This will also be longer than our typical episode to fit in the context of the story. Today, we get to hear the classic story of strong Samson. What will Samson do when he loses his strength  because of his hair cut?!?!? We will hear how mighty Samson was faithful & cried out to God for help!  Even though Samson sinned, God still used him and forgave him.

***NOTE TO PARENTS: I want to respect what you feel is appropriate for your children at their individual stage and age of life. I also have a variety of age ranges that listen. Because of this, I have left out some of Samson's events. Please go back and read Judges 13-16 and feel free to discuss  this in more length with your children if you feel it is appropriate. *****

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