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Kids Bible Stories

Oct 6, 2019

Mark 4:35- 41 & John 16:33

Today we hear how Jesus' friends were scared during the storm. With the wind and waves tossing them about, their boat could sink! They were terrified. Even during this scary circumstance, Jesus was there. He had not left them.

Sometimes we get it confused and think Jesus is only around when we are winning all of our sports games and eating cupcakes all day. That's just not true. Jesus tells us that we will have troubles but to take heart, b/c He has overcome the World. John 16:33

Tune in to hear how God is with you each and every day NOT just on the good days. 


Episode #4 "Jesus Calms the Storm" is the same story but with different application questions. You can check out that resource as well. 

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