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Kids Bible Stories

May 19, 2019

Today is part 2 from our series on Ruth. This comes from  Ruth 2. We see how God provides for Ruth and Naomi by introducing them to a wonderful man named Boaz.  We hear how God is working in the details. Ruth had to be at this field at the right place and the right time. This was no accident. We will begin to identify...

May 11, 2019

Ruth 1.  A lot of you have been asking for this story sooooo here it is! We are beginning our series on Ruth. Our story begins with some sad events. Naomi does not shy away from telling God and people how she really feels about these sad things. We will learn that we can talk to God about anything...He can handle it....

Apr 28, 2019

John 21:1-14. Jesus has risen and meets his friends once more. He finds them out fishing. They are trying their best to catch fish but the miracle does not happen until Jesus shows up. Tune in to hear how the kids can apply this to their lives. 

I hope you enjoy the discussions at the end. Thank you for tuning in. If...

Apr 20, 2019

John 18:1-11 & John 10:18

Today we hear the story of Jesus being arrested. After his arrest, He is taken away..eventually to the cross. Jesus had done nothing wrong and still these sad things were happening to him. From this story we will learn that:

1. Jesus is always in control

2. The cross was not an accident


Apr 14, 2019

Matthew 27, 28:1-10, Mark 15, 16:1-8, Luke 23 & John 19. We are revisiting our big Easter episode from last year. Easter is a time of rejoicing...celebrating as we remember what Jesus did. Through this story, we will remind the kids of a few things:

1. That Jesus loves us so much

2. That God had a plan all along &...