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Kids Bible Stories

Jun 6, 2020

Heaven...what will it be like? No one knows all of the answers to this but we will use what the Bible tells us about it through John's experience. Today's story will cover these parts of heaven:

1. God will be with us

2. Everyone and everything will live in perfect peace

3.There will be no sickness or hurting

4. There will be no more pain; all the pain/sadness we've felt on Earth will be undone and repaired.

I respect each families ages and stages of life so, I have chosen specific scriptures for this. Please go back and read them for yourself, including anything you feel is appropriate for your family. 

To connect with me or send your child's picture of heaven to me go to 

I look forward to seeing their wonderful imaginations in their drawings about heaven and will be posting them on my IG and FB pages to share w/ the community.